I visited the yarn store Yarnia on Saturday during it’s grand opening. Very cool!

The concept is simple. Yarn is made up of multiple strands of yarn which are plied together. Most simple yarns are composed of multiple strands (plies) of the same yarn. More complex yarns often mix different colors, textures and thicknesses of yarn together. Yarnia lets the end consumer do the mixing. You choose the various strands, bring them to Lindsey, who runs them through her machine, and then hands you a cone of yarn with however much you ask for. And then she sells it to you by the pound.

The process begins with selecting your strands. All of the ingredient yarns are on cones lining the walls.  yarnia-wall.jpg

There are cones of wool, cones of cotton, mohair, alpaca, acrylic and various novelty fibers. There are lots of different colors to choose from. And as you select, you put the various strands together and begin to see what you’ve got, and how you like it. You can make the yarn as thick or thin as you want…creating a nice lace weight or some much chunkier. Equally impressive is the price. Most the yarn is between $22 – $32 a pound, which comes out significantly cheaper than most of the yarn you might buy at a local yarn store. For reference, a pound is probably enough for a sweater.

While I was there, there were probably15 people through the store (I was there for half an hour to 45 minutes, probably). It seemed like the grand opening was hopping.    Everyone seemed pretty excited.

For those who don’t feel like creating their own yarn, there was a selection of pre-blended yarns available for sale:


It was also great to to see some folks I knew in the store. One person recognized me from Ravelry, and I saw Aimee who showed up for knitting night at CubeSpace last week, and Larissa who has worked at CubeSpace occasionally.

It is possible that I picked up a little bit of yarn for a future project, but I think I might discuss that at a future point.

All in all it was a lovely way to spend part of a Shabbat afternoon.

2 Responses to “Yarnia”

  1. Eva Says:

    Oops. So David suggested that I read his blog, and then he looked somewhat distressed when I asked him what he bought there. What I learned was that the yarn that he “might” have bought at the Yarnia grand opening is a lovely combination of purple and green that will most likely turn into a pair of socks for me. Yay!

    The best news in all of this? I have a horrible memory when it comes to gifts. I have been with David when he picked out a gift for me and then been honestly surprised when he gave it to me a week or so later. I actually have a very good memory for most things (David often uses my memory to tell him where he put things), I just have this incredibly useful mental block when it comes to gifts. So as long as I don’t decided to come back and read this blog post (or my comment) I should be truly surprised when I get my lovely new purple and green socks.


  2. Yarnia Part II « Rabbi David Kominsky Says:

    […] is the project I alluded to earlier when talking about the yarn I “might” have bought when visiting Yarnia. And this is when […]

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