Knitting the Same Thing Twice

I was getting ready to knit a scarf for a friend, and I had a great skein of yarn to use, and a pattern that I’ve used with that yarn before. I was all set to go, until I realized, I’d given away that first scarf as a present also. All of a sudden, it felt wrong to be doing the same pattern for someone else in the same yarn…like I was giving away something that was inadequately unique.


I don’t quite know what this is about. I don’t think it’s just about the fact that I was giving the same item to two people, because I think it fits both of them quite well, and if I were buying it, I don’t think I would have that problem. I think somehow, the fact that I am making the scarf means that I need it to be more unique. Somehow, repeating the pattern and the yarn makes it feel like it is repeating the sentiment behind the gift.  As though I’m not uniquely considering each individual to whom the gift is being given.

In years past, I would have held myself to a higher level of rationality, and if I couldn’t make sense of why this was a problem for me, would have gone ahead and knit the same gift twice. Now, being more willing to accept that human beings are not entirely rational creatures and that we should not aspire to be entirely rational creatures, I’m willing to accept that, for whatever reason, it feels wrong, and therefore I need to find another pattern for this yarn.

And the opportunity to find another pattern is also a good thing, pushing myself to become a more adventurous knitter.


One Response to “Knitting the Same Thing Twice”

  1. Magpie Ima Says:

    I think I get you when it comes to unique gifts–on the other hand….it’s hard to beat a classic like feather-and-fan.

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