Too Long Without a Post

This is not going to be a focused post (humor me and let me pretend that most of my posts are focused–it will make me feel better). Rather, this is going to be a “catching up with David” post. 

In the last couple of weeks I spent a weekend in Bend, drove back through a blizzard, worked most of a week, was driven to the airport through a blizzard, tried to fly to Boston, but only got as far as St. Louis before I got stuck there for two days…because of a blizzard, spent 5 days in Boston visiting family, flew back to Portland, uninterupted by blizzards, this time, and prepared and conducted a funeral. I’m a little tired. 

At some point I will take a picture of all the plane tickets I tried to use to get East. I’m thinking of arranging them like a Chanukkah Menorah, since one of the nights spent in St. Louis was the first night of Chanukkah. 

Nonetheless, I am getting ready for the next set of challenges…as soon as I can focus for long enough to figure out what they are. I’m feeling just a touch scattered at the moment, but am hoping it will improve soon. 

By the way, I’m almost done with a pair of socks I might write about some time in the next week. 

I will try to post more regularly in the next year. I recognize the end of this year has been light on the posting thing. 

Oh, and happy holidays and new year and all that stuff.

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